Feature Films

Stunt Coordinator

"Collateral" Annie Ellis / Freddie Hice
"Cellular" Joel Kramer
"Kountry Bears" Tim Davison
"Adaptation" Dan Bradley
"Showtime" Jack Gil
"The Fast and The Furious" Mic Rodgers
"Crocodile Dundee III" Ernie Orsatti
"Corky Romano" Ernie Orsatti
"Heartbreakers" Buddy Joe Hooker
"The Glass House" R. A. Rondell / Bobby Brown
"The James Dean Story" Chris Tuck / Mic Rodgers 2nd Unit Dir.
"End of Days" Steve Davison
"Gone in 60 Seconds" Chuck Picerni / Johnny Martin
"Erin Brockovich" John Robotham
"Scream III" Rick Avery
"Speed I & II" Gary Hymes / Dick Ziker
"Blue Streak" R. A. Rondell
"Independence Day" Dan Bradley
"Mighty Joe Young" Terry Leonard
"Rush Hour"

Terry Leonard

"Twister" Mic Rodgers
"Stuart Little II" Michael Bondelli
"Lethal Weapon" series Bass / Picerni / Rodgers / Palmissano
"Chill Factor" Gary Hymes
"Terminator II" Joel Kramer
"Twins" Joel Kramer
"Not Another Teen Movie" Eddie Yansick
"The One" Gary Hymes
"Oceans 11" John Robotham
"Diablo" Tim Davison
"Another 48 Hours" Alan Graf
"The Replacement Killers" Alan Graf
"Chill Factor" Gary Hymes
"America's Sweethearts" Gary Combs
"Enemy of the State" Chuck Picerni
"Gigli" John Robotham
"Austin Powers III" Jack Gil
I Am Sam Jack Gil/Joel Kramer
Terminator III Simon Crane
S.W.A.T. Jim Arnett
Torque Lance Gilbert/Tim Gilbert
Biker Boyz Gary Hymes
Day After Tomorrow Charlie Brewer
Envy Tim Davison
Matchstick Men Eddie Yansick